Pirates: Battle for the New World by Sleepwalker Dreams Productions (In Production)

Pirates: Battle for the New World immerses you in the heart of a battleship game as the captain of a fleet in the middle of an epic and merciless naval fight. Your choices will have an impact on the life of your crewmembers and your fleet, so be wary, the safety of Tortuga depends on you!

Baskerville: A Midnight Aria by Mara Vertin

Baskerville: A Midnight Aria is a mystery visual novel in a steampunk, Victorian setting, focused on the villains of the Sherlock Holmes universe.

“The Last Rite” from Stormrite OST

Stormrite by Kelechi Apakama (In Production)

Stormrite is an open-world RPG where you create your story. With less-restrictive quests, you choose whether you want to take a more diplomatic approach, or use brute force to get the job done

Music from the earliest historical stages of the game

Birth of Civilization by Code::Arts (In Production)

BOC is a realistic historical turn-based 4X strategic indie game project, featuring a realistic world brought to life by a performance-focused multi-platform engine, hardcore tactical components, climate simulation, and a non-linear progression system.

Main Theme

Winter’s Grasp by Appropriate Studios (2019)

Winter’s Grasp is an action/survival adventure game about a person thrust into a freezing wolf-infested forest by the city. To return, they must find and restore the bonfires to end the eternal winter.

The Lost Cathedral -Music Album (2020)

Begun in 2018, The Lost Cathedral is a collection of gothic, fantasy music inspired by games like Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as the music of Bach.

Medieval Fantasy RPG Music Pack (2020)

From tender emotional pieces, to eerie dungeon music, to thunderous battle themes, this music pack has everything you need to bring the fantasy world of your RPG to life. Each track has been carefully designed with a focus on memorable melodies inspired by classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger and has been produced using modern realistic sample libraries.

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